Professional Photography Tours of London from the London from the Comfort of an Iconic London Black Cab 



Tours of London with a professional Photoshoot and the city's amazing iconic sites as backdrops in the comfort of a 'London Black cab'

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About London Photo Taxi Tour 

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London Black Cab & Customer

Discover London in Style

Taxi Tour & a Professional Photoshoot

Every Tour & Photoshoot planned with you in mind

  • Discover London in style and comfort courtesy of a Taxi Tour combined with a professional Photoshoot.

  • A great day out for your family, a client, a nice surprise for a loved one or visitors from abroad.  

  • I am a Professional Photographer as well as a London 'Cabbie'. Let Photograph you with the amazing iconic sites of London as a backdrop,

  • Drive you around London, tell you some great stories about the history of our fantastic city.

  • Besides our fantastic standard tours which visit the top London sites, we also offer bespoke tours in & around London


Fantastic quirky stories  about London

BespokeTours in an Iconic London Black Cab

Professional Photoshoot

The Tours

- London Photo Taxi Tour focuses on both sightseeing and a Professional Photo Shoot.

- Every Taxi Tour of London* is for a Family or Group of up to six people.

- All tours are totally bespoke & with my help we plan them in advance with YOU in mind.

- London Photo Taxi Tour any tour can be arrange for out of London tour as well.

- As a Professional photographer I will use the sites as a backdrop for a photo shoot.

- As a London Cabbie I will drive you around the sites and tell you some fun stories about our city.

- Free £30 worth of Print plus a 'Goodie' Basket including a bottle of Prosecco and more

- Don't Miss Out - Enquire Now!


See below the list of Tours on offer  

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London Sites

Taxi Tour

& Photoshoot

A London Taxi Tour with a professional Photo Shoot for up to 6 people.

A bespoke tour planed with you.

Any of the Iconic sites as backdrops.

Famous Music spots or Sport Grounds

Usually 3 hour or more




Out of London Taxi Tour & Photo Shoot

A Taxi Tour out of London with a professional Photo Shoot.

A bespoke tour planed with you.

Windsor, Stonehenge, Harry Potter World or any place you want

Usually 5 hours or more



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A special Occasion Tour & Photo Shoot

A Taxi Tour with a professional

Photo Shoot.

Engagement, Wedding, Special Birthday

A bespoke tour planed with you.

The sky is the limit, lets plan this tour and Photo Shoot to suit your special occasion



Person Rolling Suitcase in Airport

Quick London Visit Taxi Tour & Photo Shoot

A very popular Taxi Tour with a professional Photo Shoot for those who in transit in London

Pick up & Drop Off at an Airport. A tour around the City and a great way to pass the time and have some great memories



London Photo Taxi Tour Christmas Tours

London Photo Taxi Tour of the Month

A Taxi Tour with a professional

Photo Shoot. During the year, I will recommend tours to co-inside with what is happening in London at the time.

Christmas lights, Spring Blossom, or maybe a royal wedding.





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