Professional Photography Tours of London from the London from the Comfort of an Iconic London Black Cab 



Tours of London with a professional Photoshoot and the city's amazing iconic sites as backdrops in the comfort of a 'London Black cab'

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About London Photo Taxi Tour 

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London Black Cab & Customer

Discover London in Style

Taxi Tour & a Professional Photoshoot


Every Tour & Photoshoot planned with you in mind

  • Discover London in style and comfort courtesy of a Taxi Tour combined with a professional Photoshoot.

  • A great day out for your family, a client, a nice surprise for a loved one or visitors from abroad.  

  • I am a Professional Photographer as well as a London 'Cabbie'. Let me Photograph you with the amazing iconic sites of London as a backdrop,

  • Drive you around London, tell you some great stories about the history of our fantastic city.

  • Besides our fantastic standard tours which visit the top London sites, we also offer bespoke tours in & around London


Fantastic quirky stories  about London

BespokeTours in an Iconic London Black Cab

Professional Photoshoot

The Tours

- London Photo Taxi Tour focuses on both sightseeing and a Professional Photo Shoot.

- Every Taxi Tour of London* is for a Family or Group of up to six people.

- All tours are totally bespoke & with my help we plan them in advance with YOU in mind.

- London Photo Taxi Tour any tour can be arrange for out of London tour as well.

- As a Professional photographer I will use the sites as a backdrop for a photo shoot.

- As a London Cabbie I will drive you around the sites and tell you some fun stories about our city.

- Free £30 worth of Print plus a 'Goodie' Basket including a bottle of Prosecco and more

- Don't Miss Out - Enquire Now!


See below the list of Tours on offer  

Marble Surface

London Photo Taxi Tour of the Month.
Now Staycation Special!

A Taxi Tour with a professional

Photo Shoot. During the year, I will recommend tours to co-inside with what is happening in London at the time.

Summer 'Staycation', Christmas lights, Spring Blossom, or maybe a royal wedding.



Samantha & Ross_0082.jpg

A special Occasion Tour & Photo Shoot

A Taxi Tour with a professional

Photo Shoot.

Engagement, Wedding, Special Birthday

A bespoke tour planed with you.

The sky is the limit, lets plan this tour and Photo Shoot to suit your special occasion



Talia tekel-183.jpg

London Sites

Taxi Tour

& Photoshoot

A London Taxi Tour with a professional Photo Shoot for up to 6 people.

A bespoke tour planed with you.

Any of the Iconic sites as backdrops.

Famous Music spots or Sport Grounds

Usually 3 hour or more



Person Rolling Suitcase in Airport

London, Transit, Quick Visit Taxi Tour & Photo Shoot

A very popular Taxi Tour with a professional Photo Shoot for those who in transit in London

Pick up & Drop Off at an Airport. A tour around the City and a great way to pass the time and have some great memories




Out of London Taxi Tour & Photo Shoot

A Taxi Tour out of London with a professional Photo Shoot.

A bespoke tour planed with you.

Windsor, Stonehenge, Harry Potter World or any place you want

Usually 5 hours or more



Bespoke Tour
You Choose, We Deliver

This can be anything, any kind of tour, It can include a Photoshoot, 

It actually could be ONLY a photoshoot

Or just a tour around London

Let me know and we can plan together





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