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London Photo Taxi Tours


Tours of London with a professional Photoshoot and the city's amazing iconic sites as backdrops!


The London Photo Taxi Tour was established in 2018 by Adam Soller Photography

I had been driving a London Black Cab for about four years, combining my time with family and corporate photography and, of course, taking photos of London.

A corporate client asked me, as a surprise celebration, to drive his family around the iconic sites of London and take photos. What a great idea, I thought, and so

The London Photo Taxi Tour was born!

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My name is Adam Soller and I will be your tour guide and photographer.

I have been a London Taxi Driver since 2014 and become a professional photographer in 2017 after 30 years photographing for a hobby

I specialise in Lifestyle, Family, Event and Corporate photography.

I also enjoy taking fantastic photos while driving around London and travelling the world.

I particularly enjoy street photography.

(Click here to visit my photography website -Adam Soller Photography)

I’m very interested in the history of London and have many stories to tell, usually not in the conventional history book style but more quirky stories combined with some ‘Dad jokes’ (so my daughters tell me!).

Adam Soller Photography
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