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Covid-19 Information

Here's how we're dealing with coronavirus (COVID-19)

We’re delighted to announce that the London Photo Taxi Tour is open for business!

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our city and our lives. The streets are quieter than ever, there is less traffic, and few of us are going on holiday abroad this year.


As a photographer, I took time during lockdown to see and take photographs of London in a way I could never imagine seeing it. 

Now you and up to five family or friends can join me on a tour of London to see our wonderful city from a different perspective and

I’ll create professional photographic memories for you to remember these strange times.


My Black Cab is sanitised between tours, I am isolated behind the Perspex screen and I keep social distancing during the photoshoot.


Have a look at the Gallery and Tour options

In these times of global pandemic and social isolation,

London’s Black Cabs are widely considered to be the safest way to travel.

I have the new electric vehicle which features an easy-to-sanitise interior including the handles, seats and floor.

There is a protective clear screen which completely isolates the driver and passengers, who are able to communication via the latest technology two-way microphone system. Payment is made by the card facility in the passenger section of the cab or bank transfer.

Hand sanitiser is provided, and the cab is cleaned between groups. Social distancing is kept throughout the photo shoot.

I of course comply and make sure I follow all the updated government instructions.

A tour may need to be adjusted to any changes due to Covid-19 updates

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