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Bespoke Tour/Photoshoot

You choose I deliver. This can be just a family Photoshoot, just a tour with NO photos or anything in between.

* I will be happy to do a standard tour

* Just meet you somewhere for a photoshoot

* Go anywhere you want (well almost...)

* Just take you for a short drive around London, with NO photography

* This could be a walking tour around Graffiti parts of London

* I will pick you and up to 6 friends and/or family and drop you off anywhere in central London


 -All tours are subject to restrictions from the government due to covid-19 & social distancing needed. if you are showing any symptoms of Covid-19 please advise in advance.

-If you need access for a wheelchair please let me know.                                                                                                 

-All tours are subject to traffic restrictions, events that may be in London and also unexpected issues like a breakdown in the cab. 

-Before booking full T's & C's will be emailed to you


From - £295
Subject to what we do

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